The Ubiquitous Larch

A Python-based interactive computing environment for your browser

Scientific computing

Interactive live documents

Live collaborative IDE

Data visualization

Notebook based interactive document system

  • Mix rich text and code (like IPython notebook)
  • Interactive output: results of computation can be more than static text and images; you can use JQuery controls to drive updates, audio and more...
  • Live documents: use Ubiquitous Larch to create live, interactive pages; see the built-in live documentation for an example.
  • Collaborative environment: changes made by you are seen in real-time by your collaborators, (not just to your code; your output objects are shared too). Build collaborative interfaces in Python with little effort.
  • Live Python objects: like Smalltalk, the entire programming environment (and the results your code creates) is composed of live objects.

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Download it

Get Ubiquitous Larch here.

Minimal requirements: no libraries required

Works out-of-the-box with no additional python libraries.

Compatible with most Python VMs

Ubiquitous Larch runs on CPython, PyPy, Jython and IronPython.

This project is a web-based re-implementation of parts of The Larch Environment, a desktop based programming environment for Jython that features a novel mixed textual and visual programming system